do you ever see your favorite band on TV or hear them playing while your at store and your just like HEY THATS MY BAND


me introducing myself: hi I know too much about rock n roll

"Every two or three years I’ll put a call in to the office and say, ‘Hey, tell Axl gimme a call if he wants to’. But I mean… the weirdness of his life. To me, I live pretty normal. I can go anywhere. In 2001, I don’t think people really give a shit. But for Axl, I knew for the longest time, because his face was all over the television, and stuff. I don’t think he could really go anywhere or do anything. And I think because of that he kind of got himself in a little hole up there in the hills. He kind of dug in deeper and deeper and now I think he’s gone so fucking deep he’s just… I mean, I could be completely wrong. But I know he doesn’t drive and he doesn’t… he doesn’t do anything. I’ve never, never seen him in town. Isolation can be a bad thing, but Axl’s been at it for a long time now, you know, he always stays up at night"

Izzy Stradlin, Classic Rock - 2001 (via dont-please-stay-here)


Pink Floyd - collage from Earls Court Concerts programme, May 18th and 19th 1973 

70,601 plays


The Beatles Story Exhibition,

Museum In Liverpool. (Aug 2013)